Friendliest Gun Club in Wisconsin


Minocqua Gun Club's Rules and Regulations

Eye and Ear protetion is mandatory for all shooters.

Treat every gun as if it were loaded.  

Never place a loaded shell in any chamber until you're ready to shoot.

Never aim a gun at anyone.

Always check your chamber and always have your gun with the chamber OPEN at all times.

Never carry a gun over your shoulder with the barrell pointed behind you.

Never point or swing your gun in the club house or outside.

We sell beer at the club house.  No other beer or alcoholic beverages will be allowed.

No alcohol beverages may be consumed until your shooting is complete.

Range Officers will have full authority on the field.

Never turn around while shooting or point a gun over your shoulder.  Guns MUST always point toward the trap house.

Always turn to the right when moving from post 5 to post 1 and walk behind your squad.  Be absolutely sure your gun is unloaded.  

No shot larger than 7 1/2 is allowed.  


The Minocqua Gun Club will not be responsible for any accidents caused by rule infractions.