Our Leagues...

The Minocqua Gun Club has 3 Leagues through out the year.

Summer League:
This league is our most popular.
It starts in May and runs every Tuesday or 16 weeks.
Men and women shoot together on teams of 4-5.
You don't have to be a great shooter to join.
Enjoy the company of other shooters and improve your skills as you have fun.
You must be 18 or older and be a MGC member to join.
The season ends with a picnic and awards.

Fall Fun League:
This league starts in September and runs for 8 weeks.
You and a partner shoot a different and challenging type of event each week.

Winter Tough League 2016:
This League is not for the faint of heart!
Starting in January and continuing on Thursdays for 8 weeks during the coldest time
of year.
Check our calendar for dates, times, and events. 2 Person Teams
$10 each event

The fall and winter leagues are $10 each week with the following pay out:
50% - 1st Place Team
30% - 2nd Place Team
10% - High Gun
10% - Luck of the Draw