About Us.....

The Minocqua Gun Club is a not for profit, public shooting facility located in the heart of the North Woods.

 We have been operating as a continuous organization since 1958. Over that time, with generous donations and lots of volunteer help, we have built a beautiful new Clubhouse, three trap ranges with wireless voice response systems, and a skeet range.

 We have over one hundred men and women as members and many more casual shooters who visit  the Lakeland area.  The main focus of our club is education and our area youth are the priortiy.  Thanks to  our many generous members and friends, along with fundraising events, 

we are able to offer $1000 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors.   We are also able to support our youth league where area youngsters can earn their Hunters Safety Certificate and learn to shoot trap free of charge until they are through High School. Each year MGC is well represented by our kids at the State High School Trapshooting finals. 

Over the years they have garnered several State Championship awards.  We are truly blessed to live and work in such a beautiful part of Wisconsin. This area has abundant lakes, rivers and streams surrounded by magnificent pine forests with Minocqua as the hub of Tourist activity in the North Woods. 

The Minocqua Gun Club cordially invites you to stop in the next time you're "Up North".  Spend some time shooting targets and shooting the breeze with us.

 BOARD MEETINGS Board of Directors meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the clubhouse. These meetings begin at 7 pm and members are encouraged to attend. Each fall we have an Annual Meeting where we elect club members to serve on the Board of Directors. Each Board Member serves a two-year term with the President limited to a two-term tenure.

President-Luke Yelton
Vice-President-Ross Goddard
Secretary-Sara Kucher
Treasurer- Connie Schrom
Member- Don Grundy
Member- Ross Trottier
Member- Mark Kubisiak
Member Dayn Wrinkler
Member- Rick Fuhrman